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Carlos Beltran

Assistant Vice President, IT Security Architect

Carlos is responsible for supporting the IT strategy of Dynasty’s Technology team and Network Partners with his 8+ years of experience in IT operations, systems administration, and cybersecurity. Before joining Dynasty, Carlos served as an IT Security Analyst. In that role, he led the efforts to manage vulnerability and risk, and establish a security strategy that fit business goals and compliance requirements. His experience included implementing security controls and threat protection, responding to threats, managing identity and access, and protecting data and applications.


Carlos has his Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Development and Management with a focus in Cybersecurity from Saint Petersburg College and holds the following certifications: Azure Security Engineer Associate, Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, and Security+ CE.


Carlos is a Marvel fan who gave his eldest son, Antonio, the middle name of Stark just so he could be nicknamed Tony Stark. He attempted to grow the Avenger team with his wife, Sanja, when their second son, Tommy, was born but failed to convince her on the name Bruce Banner Beltran.

Carlos Beltran