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Navigating significant wealth requires trusted and expert financial advice. Dynasty Connect is a concierge service dedicated to understanding your family’s unique objectives and connecting you with independent financial advisors that are well-suited to meet your needs. 
This is protecting your independence. This is owning your future.

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How Do We Find the Right Advisor for You

It starts with deep relationships with hundreds of the nation’s most successful financial advisors.  

Dynasty was founded over fourteen years ago with the mission of empowering financial advisors to better serve their clients and build better businesses.  

Understanding your goals and connecting you with a great advisor takes more than a few questions on a digital form. 

We look forward to speaking with you to learn what is important to you and your family

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Life Events

Whether you are selling a business, executing an IPO, going through a divorce, or undergoing generational wealth transfer, our network of advisors has the breadth and depth of expertise to meet your specific needs.

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Personality Match

Financial planning is more than just managing money. It’s about trust, communication, empathy, and deep understanding.

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Unique Requirements

Your advisor relationship should be able to adapt as your needs evolve. Find an advisor that can support your family in the long run.

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Location and Access

Whether you prefer frequent in-person meetings or virtual interactions, our network of advisors has a national footprint and a technology-enabled client experience.

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Legacy Planning

Transferring wealth to loved ones takes specific financial expertise, and an advisory firm committed and able to support you and future generations.

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Transparency and Trust

Your financial wellness is related to the trust and engagement between you and your advisor. Your advisor wins when you win. You will have transparency into how your advisor is compensated.

Why Choose an Independent Advisor

Independent AdvisorsOther Advisors and Brokers
Advisor owns or works for an independently owned businessLikely an employee of a large financial institution – they neither control the business nor client experience
Make own business decisionsAnswer to a larger financial institution or shareholders
Provides impartial financial guidanceMay be less likely to be able to put your best interests first
Access to an open architecture of investment solutionsMay only be able to offer you products manufactured by their specific institution
Obligated to act as a fiduciary and acts as your advocateMay not be obligated to act as a fiduciary
Works on the “buy-side” at your requestMay be incentivized to sell you certain products created by their employer
Access to research from leading financial institutionsMay only be allowed to offer you investment products from their employer
Freedom to adopt new technologies, solutions and services to continually enhance results and client experienceMay be beholden to outdated technology and systems
Provides cost transparency – You know how your advisor is compensatedMay not provide cost transparency – fees may pile up regardless of whether your assets grow or not

Dynasty Triangulation of Advice ®

Own your Independence

When your financial advice comes from the same institution that sells financial products and profits from the banking of your assets, conflicts of interest are unavoidable and unbiased advice is hard to come by. Would you go to a pharmaceutical company to get unbiased medical advice? We certainly wouldn’t.
Dynasty’s independent advisors sit on the same side of the table as you and provide advice independent of where financial products are manufactured or where assets are custodied. This is how billionaires with dedicated family offices receive financial advice. This model is available to all Americans – you just need to know where to find it. That’s where Dynasty Connect comes in.

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Paving the Way in Wealth Management and Promoting Financial Literacy

Dynasty Connect is a proud partner to elite athletes Anna Leigh Waters, Pickleball Pro World #1, and Julio Rodriguez, 2022 Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year. Watch Anna Leigh and Julio spread the word on financial fitness and the benefits of working with an independent advisor.

“It is important to me to be successful both on and off the court. Since I’ve teamed up with Dynasty Financial Partners, I’ve learned it is never too early to begin planning for my financial future.” Anna Leigh Waters
“It’s never too early to start planning, saving, and investing. Especially when you’re young, I feel that’s the best opportunity you have because you have time on your side.” Julio Rodriguez

About Dynasty Financial Partners

We Power Independence

Dynasty was founded over fourteen years ago with the mission of empowering financial advisors to leave large financial institutions and launch their own independent businesses. Dynasty’s core business is providing our advisors with the integrated technology and services they need to better care for their clients and run better businesses.  We enable our advisors to focus on their clients while we take care of the rest – providing access to best-in-class technology, product research, and investment solutions.


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Dynasty Connect is a service offered through Dynasty Wealth Management, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynasty Financial Partners, LLC.