Unlock your independence

TJay Kowalchuk

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Western Division

TJay joined Dynasty in 2022 and leads West Coast Business Development.  While he spent most of his life in New York, the remote work environment driven by the pandemic lead him to Southern California, where he resides today.  Having sat on both the wirehouse side and the RIA side, TJay brings a unique perspective to advisors seeking independence.

TJay comes to Dynasty with over 17 years in the financial space.  He began his financial career at Smith Barney, servicing teams of private wealth advisors. From there, he moved to the RIA space, where he gained wide ranging experience in operations, technology, and compliance.  As Director of Operations, this experience included investment model and rebalancing programs; design and management of multiple CRM databases; implementing and managing multiple portfolio management programs; integrating multiple financial planning programs; successful completion of an SEC audit as a Chief Compliance Officer; business development including advisor and client onboarding processes; and more.  TJay is a graduate of Binghamton University.

TJay Kowalchuk Senior Vice President, Business Development West Coast