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  • Alan-Harter-386x275rt “Dynasty gave us scale on day one and a much broader network of resources on day two. Our business is growing more today than at any point in my career. I don’t think that would have been possible without going independent, and certainly without Dynasty as my partner.”Alan Harter, MD, Managing Director, Pactolus Private Wealth Management
  • Jim-Maher-386x275rt “I chose Dynasty Financial Partners because they not only helped us transition our business to independence, but from day one their expertise has been valuable to the growth of the business.”James Maher, Archford Capital Strategies
  • Michelle-Smith-386x275rt “I am astonished at the growth of my business since I have teamed up with Dynasty. Going independent was the best decision I have ever made.”Michelle Smith, Source Financial Advisors
  • Erik-Strid-386x275rt “Not only was the serial publication a novel idea, but an effective and engaging way to get my book published. The roll-out and subsequent publicity is a perfect way for us to enhance our firm’s image with both clients and prospects.”Erik Strid, Concentus Wealth Advisors

Powering Independence

You have been in business for many years now. You have been successful and recognized by your peers and the firm you work for, but now is the time to own what you have built. It’s time to reignite your dreams, to start again, but this time it will be on your own terms.

You’re successful. So where do you take your success from here? Dynasty Financial Partners is an integrated platform service provider that makes it possible for you to build the business you’ve always envisioned. A business that reflects your passions and beliefs, and gives you the freedom to pursue your goals and those of your clients the best way you know how. We help top advisors, whether they are already independent or those leaving the wirehouses, to build their businesses the same way we built ours: from the ground up, taking the long view, not short cuts. Then, we provide every possible measure of support.

At Dynasty, independence is more than just a transition. It’s a transformation, an opportunity to truly own what you’ve created, a legacy that you can pass on. Being independent and owning your own business is not for everyone. But with our resources and expertise behind you, there’s no better way to define success on your own terms.

Latest News

7 Essential Rules for Building Your Business – Financial PlanningBuilding your own business, even with a team of experts behind you, requires tough decisions regarding resources, clients and employees. But most of all it requires leadership. We launched Dynasty Financial Partners almost four years ago after spending two years building our concept and business plan before we launched. What follows are a few lessons […]
WSJ – Specializing an Advisor Practice- Michelle SmithMichelle Smith, CEO Source Financial Advisors discusses with the WSJ the importance of specializing in an Advisor practice. WSJ VIDEO
Four Ways Wirehouse Cost-Cutting Could BackfireAugust 21, 2014 Mindy Diamond is president and CEO of Diamond Consultants, a recruiting firm in Chester, N.J. Although UBS’s recent move to lay off 75 client-service associates came after it reported record revenue per advisor, the decision is not shocking. Nor is one surprised by Morgan Stanley’s decision to pass some support-staff costs onto […]
Perspectives On The US Advisor “Breakaway” Trend – Part 2: Case StudyIn the second part of a feature (see part one here) looking at firms targeting the independent channel and the so-called “breakaway” trend, Family Wealth Report speaks to Erik Strid, principal of Concentus Wealth Advisors. Concentus partnered with Dynasty in February of this year, joining from Wells Fargo Advisors. The firm’s primary service is wealth and financial planning […]
Perspectives On The US Advisor “Breakaway” Trend – Part 1Last year Cerulli Associates projected an overall downward trajectory in US advisor headcount due to retirement and advisor exits outpacing new advisor generation. Specifically, the research firm predicted that the number of advisors in the wirehouse channel will decline from 47,843 at the end of 2014 to 45,580 at end-2016. It painted a somewhat brighter […]
Top Brokers Are Walking Out Of Wall Street Banks And Taking The Most Important Thing With Them – Biz InsiderThe four biggest U.S. brokerage firms are facing an exodus of employees who are finding they can make more money and save on taxes by taking their clients and starting an independent firm before they retire. Prices are rising for independent brokers because of demand from investors and other firms, while supply is low because […]
The Business of Breaking Away by Shirl Penney – On WallstreetThe process of going independent can be more time consuming than moving to another wirehouse, due to additional due diligence and logistical execution.  So, it is important to make the journey to independence simpler, more turnkey and less threatening. Among the first issues to tackle: Access to capital Every enterprise has start-up costs, and an […]
What tidbits jumped out of Schwab’s business update to Wall Street — including the two underscored advantages relating to Schwab Advisor ServicesIf there is a running thread in the comments made by Bernie Clark during the past few years, it is this: “We don’t want to be really different … our advisors don’t want us to be really different.” Indeed, at the Charles Schwab Corp.’s annual in-person update with Wall Street analysts last Monday, the chief […]
Wealth Management Team With $350M in Client Assets Goes IndependentA newly-independent Michigan-based investment group has teamed up with Dynasty Financial Partners. Charles Waterhouse, James Winslow, Carol Sewell and Gary Haapala left United Bank & Trust to launch Arbor Trust Wealth Advisors. The team collectively advises on more than $350 million in client assets. FULL STORY Senior partner Waterhouse has 35 years of experience in […]
Team launches Arbor Trust in CantonDynasty Financial Partners announced its partnership with Arbor Trust Wealth Advisors, the most recent independent investment advisory firm to leverage Dynasty Financial Partners’ industry-leading platform of integrated wealth management services and technology. FULL ARTICLE Financial advisers Charles Waterhouse, James Winslow, Carol Sewell and Gary Haapala all join Arbor Trust Wealth Advisorsfrom United Bank & Trust. The four advisers […]


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