Jason W. Pinkham, Director, Eastern Division and Transitions
Member of the Dynasty Client Service Team

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Our Team

Dynasty is

Dynasty is

  • 100% owned by its Founders, Employees and Board of Directors
  • 60 employees located in midtown New York City, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco

Every success we enjoy and share with our Network is attributable to the caliber and quality of the people on our team. Dynasty was founded by industry veterans who understood the role personal connectivity plays in the financial advisory field.

Entrepreneurial in spirit and truly caring at heart, the Dynasty team reflects the values of the advisors in our Network.

Corporate LeadershipClient ServiceInvestment TeamBoard Of DirectorsInvestment Committee
Jason W. Pinkham
Director, Eastern Division and Transitions
Austin J. Philbin
Director, Western Division
Ed M. Friedman
Director, Enterprise Group
Leigh Emery
Chief Compliance Officer for the Dynasty Network
Gordon Ross
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Strategy Group
Marcus S. Wilson
Senior Vice President, Platform Operations
Jeremy Zoladz
Senior Vice President, Relationship Management
Tricia Brady
Senior Vice President, Relationship Management Eastern Division
Jenna Bloomgarden
Vice President, Relationship Management Eastern Division
Meghan Lamar
Head of Finance Pillar
Tom Glamuzina CIMA®
Vice President, Relationship Management
Michael D'Agostino
Vice President, Platform Operations
Justin Barish
Vice President, Digital Marketing
Tara Coakley
Vice President, Transition Services and Relationship Management
Samantha Sullivan
Vice President, Platform Operations
Dmitry Vorontsov
Vice President, Controller
Nicholas Stile
Associate Vice President, Marketing
Bea Zahorska
Assistant Vice President, Platform Operations
Nick Faccenda
Assistant Vice President, Platform Operations
Erica Sperber
Assistant Vice President, Platform Operations
Katie Seeman
Assistant Vice President, Transition Services
Evelina Striukyte
Assistant Vice President, Finance
Mary S. Tan
Assistant Vice President, Legal and Compliance
Ryan O'Connell
Assistant Vice President, Product Specialist CRM
Cole Turner
Associate, Relationship Management
Carolyn Boyce
Associate, Technology
Vincent Tu
Associate, Platform Operations
Brett Dewing
Associate, M&A
Will McEvoy
Associate, Finance
Erin Tubridy
Office Manager

Giving Back

Dynasty Financial Partners and the Dynasty Network are committed to the communities in which we live, work, and serve our valued clients. Our employees donate their time, talents, and resources to numerous community organizations that focus on health, education, the environment and other issues. Our hope is that they too can benefit from the power of connectivity in fulfilling their missions. Some of these organizations include:

Meghan Lamar, Head of Finance Pillar

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